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My 5 Years at BRS.

Posted on 24 September 2017

My final week at Bailey Road School and time to remember my favourite moments and achievements.

 October 2012 - September 2017- My 5 Years at Bailey Road School.



 After 5 years commuting to Bailey Road School, after some 100,000 kilometres travelled to and from school during that time and an estimated 20,000 hours or in excess of 83 days sitting in traffic; the Southern Motorway has beaten me and I have secured a new principalship in my home region of Franklin.

I thought my final blog would list my favourite achievements and give me the opportunity to say my thank yous.

My favourite  achievement would be that Bailey Road School is now the school of choice in the Mount Wellington Area. Our school has grown at the rate of a classroom full of students per year since 2014. The roll has risen from 420 to 480 in December 2016 and we are on track to attain 500 students by  December of 2017.

As a result the Ministry of Education has requested that our Board of Trustees implements an Enrolment Zone by January 2018.




One goal that I wished to work upon early after my arrival was to ensure that our exterior environment was more reflective of the 18 ethnicities that our school supports. I believed our school resembled  a euro-centric institution not one that boasted a school roll of mainly of Maori and Pasifika students.

I believe our school is far more colourful and with the artwork upon the walls and  our fale, we now look like a multi-cultural school.




I also am proud of the fact that over the 5 years Bailey Road School has achieved the Bronze, Silver and Green Gold Enviro Schools Accreditation from the Auckland Council.




 Another achievement that I am so happy about is the development and embedding of our Positive behaviour for learning ( PB4L) status at Bailey Road School. This has brought about a huge change in the teaching and learning at our school. Soooo many of our students have achieved the Bronze and Silver Badges and recently we had our third student achieve the Green Badge ( having received 400 PB4L tokens.)

I am also proud of the  Development of our Year 8 Graduate Profile that evolves form our PB4L status.


I am so delighted about the huge rise in the development levels of our students.

Our staff have increased overall levels from 55% to verging on 70% across the  National Standards.

This is amazing and our students love education and Bailey Road School!



  My Thank Yous:

 BOT - I have loved working with our Board of Trustees. I enjoy your passion for our students, our school and the strategic plans you put in place to raise the achievement levels of our school and its profile in Tamaki.

PTA - What a special group of parents who give their time and efforts to raise funds for Bailey Road School and assist the kura in anyway that you can.

School Staff - Our clerical , grounds staff and  teacher aides are all amazing people who toil to develop our students and ensure the school organisation is fulfilled. You are always the champions of our working in particular with pupils needing learning support.

Teachers - You are the ones who deserve all of the credit for your hard work in making our school such a welcoming and progressive institution. The huge hours of devoted and dedicated service often go unseen but our popular school and rising achievement levels are testimony to your efforts.

Team Leaders - Leadership with a vision is the key for much of the progress we have enjoyed. Thank you Laurie, Mel, Vincent, Dave, Ros, Batmini, Laurie and Anna for your expertise, coaching and mentoring of your team members to high levels of Teaching and Learning.

 Deputy Principal -  I owe so much to Jody Hayes for her knowledge, skills, talents and abilities in working along side of our teachers to develop their pedagogy. I applaud her passion for our students, their wellbeing, learning and development as wonderful citizens of NZ.

Community - I am in awe of the support  we now receive from our whanau in making our school so successful. Attendance at our Community Information evenings has lifted from around 20 parents to above 220 attendees.

 Bailey Road School Students - You are really simply the BEST! I will miss you all.

Maungakiekie Community of Learning -  Finally my thanks are extended to the Overall Management Team of our Kahui Ako. You are such a wonderful group of brilliant educators to work with as you focus upon delivering the very best practices to all 3,500 students in our Community of Learning. Best wishes for your future plans and actions for the youth of Mount Wellington.



To all, a huge thank you for my magnificent 1000 days in Maungakiekie!








Comment by Joyce Kay on 28 September 2017 9:28 PM:

All the best Jim! You are the have made change! We admire you as a leader and mentor. Go Well

Comment by Karan Family on 27 September 2017 4:04 PM:

Thank you Mr SB.
You are a great Principle that:Builds character,inspires dreams,Encourages creativity,Builds confidence.Instills a love of learning and Touches our Hearts.The Karan Family would like to Thank You for all these contributions to Bailey road school.My kids Priya Karan and Shivesh Karan will miss you.Wish you all the best.

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