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Our new Bailey Road School App.

Posted on 24 June 2017

Bailey Road School whanau can now have easy access to school newsletters, Termly Calendar as well as having important alerts sent out as circumstances and events change.

Bailey Road School App.



 As of Wednesday 28 June 2017, Bailey Road School will launch its Parent Teacher Calendar App.

 The App will allow the Bailey Road School Community to check school event dates and times, receive the school newsletter, report absences, make contact with us and importantly receive urgent alerts  from the school should we have any changes to the school routines. This could include notifications about cancellations to school events, informing parents and care-givers that school trips are running behind schedule or that we are in a Code Red lockdown situation.

 School information is also available from the Parent Teacher Calendar App.

 All of this sent directly to your cell phone. 


 How do I get the Bailey Road School App?

 Simply, in Play Store / App Store search the Education Section for this logo.



 Choose the Auckland Area and then scroll through looking for the Bailey Road School listing and download the App. Here is an example.




The App page will look like this example from a local New Zealand School.


 We will continue to build content through 2017.

We know you will enjoy our latest means of keeping our Community informed about Bailey Road School events.




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