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Bullying in NZ Schools

Posted on 20 August 2017

New Zealand has one of the highest rates of bullying in the World. The Bailey Road School Board of Trustees acknowledges that every school has an element of bullying but what does it look like at our school and what are we going to do about protecting our students to Be Safe- one of our School Expectations?

 Bullying in New Zealand Schools.

In mid July, three members of our Board of Trustees attended the NZ School Trustees Annual Conference and this year it was held in Dunedin.

One of the key note speakers spoke on the topic of bullying and the fact NZ is second to Latvia in terms of bullying incidents! (2017 PISA Survey of 70 Countries)

On the past few weeks the media has been reporting the huge rates of teen suicides in our country. Sadly severe bullying can lead the victim to  taking extremely drastic actions.

Our Board discussed the trip to Dunedin and asked what bullying looked like at BRS.


 Our School Health and PE 18 month review highlighted that whanau want to protect their children from acts of bullying and our school has a reputation of doing just that.

We looked first of all at a definition of bullying and we wanted our students to know that bullying:

1. Bullying is deliberate. It is premeditated.

2.Always involves a power imbalance as is shown in the picture above. It is NOT always a physical imbalance but we say to our students: "it is where someone wants to be the boss of you and your actions!"

3. The bullying act is meant to upset you and make you feel bad. (harmful)

4. The bullying is repeated and ongoing. 

Before polling our senior children, we wanted them to have a clear idea about this and that a squabble, disagreement or fight between students was not bullying unless it met the criteria above.

In the playground, classroom or on the way home, someone could do or say something unfair and make you feel  sad, but is becomes a bullying incident if it is repeated and meant to cause harm.

Bullying usually takes these forms:

 *Possessions are taken or destroyed  

*Victims are Hit / pushed around

*Victims could be threatened, excluded teased

Nasty rumours are spread- could through Cyber Bullying / Social Media


Our Team Leaders decided to survey our Year 5-6-7-8 Students to see what was happening at our school.


Bullying Survey August 2017 

 Here are the main findings of our survey:

*45% of the 194 respondents had not been bullied (30% 1-2 x / 25% more than 3x)

*39% of bullying incidents reported were about being threatened, teased or excluded. / 27% physical acts

* Victims either told a friend about the incident ( 40%) or No-one (35%)

* 54% responded to being told and reported the incident

* Most incidents took place in the playground (40%) / Classroom 34%)

* Most incidents took place at lunchtime ( 38%)

* 71% of our Year 5-8 reported they had not bullied others

* 86% indicated their teachers had taken anti-bullying lessons this year

* Students wanted teachers to act in the following ways around bullying- 30% set up a Safe place to go to if bullied / Students want to go directly to Senior Staff to report incidents (26%)


What are Bailey Road School's immediate Actions Going to be?


1. Establish the Whare Ahuru Mowai as a Safe Place to go to if a student is feeling unsafe or upset by the actions of others ( We have a staff member on duty here) We also have Hi-Viz Jacketed rostered Staff Members and Student Leaders in the Playground

2. We will re-establish a 'Reporting Box' in the Admin Area where students can write and post notes to staff members about any incidents or suggestions. / Cleared daily at 1.15-1.30.p.m.

3. Senior Staff members will be available to discuss and act upon incidents- recording the facts, those involved, actions leading to incidents on our Student Management System

4. Teachers will continue to take their weekly Positive behaviour for learning lessons ( and catching the daily teachable moments) with a lens upon the actions of bystanders and the 'Rights of a Child' to feel safe and secure in the environment

 5. Staff will continue to develop our Year 8 Graduate Profile of students that are Tolerant and Respectful of others.


Whanau, please inform our Senior Management Team of incidents so that they can investigate and take all necessary actions to protect our tamariki. Please contact your child's teacher first and bring to the attention of:

Year 0-2 Rata Students = Mr Laurie O'Connor -Room 7

Year 3-4 Karaka Students = Ms Anna Voyce - Room 9

Year 5-6 Kowhai Students = Ms Rosalind Muller = Room 18 

Year 7-8 Rimu Students = Mr Dave Muir = Room 15

Deputy Principal - Ms Jody Hayes

Principal - Mr Jim Stafford-Bush 


We have a great school and we want to keep on developing our students to be AMAZING Citizens.







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