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Rata Year 0-2 Term Update of Events.

Written by Jean D'Souza

On this BLOG we update the activities and events that our Junior Team has been up to during the Term.

Discovery Time

Posted on 4 July 2017

Discovery Time is a time where the Key competencies are seen in action. A time where students actively participate in various activities and enjoy learning new things.

Discovery Time 

Discovery time is a time where you can see the Key Competencies in action. Students enjoy every moment of this enriched learning experience.

The Key Competencies:

  • Thinking
  • Relating to other
  • Using language, symbol and text 
  • Managing self 
  • Participating and contributing

If you happen to enter the junior area  at Discovery Time you will see students engaged in activities that they have chosen to take part in.

Using blocks - creating a car park with blocks, having fun building an adventure park or even creating an air base are some of the things that these students create.

Art - Having fun with paints, glue, scissors,crayons helps develop co-ordination and motar skills in young children.Making stars and then using these to make a bracelet or a necklace, or even using it to stick them on a skirt  these students were sure fashion designers in the making.

Gardening – On warmer days this has been a choice of many students. Digging and all the glory that comes with it, gives students a sense of fun and wonder. Caring for the plants and being aware of the environment  starts at an early age here at Bailey Road School.

Baking – Our little master chefs are thrilled to join in here as they develop their skills of measurement, thinking and an awarness of different taste.

Scooters/bikes – Here is an opportunity for the students to learn how to be safe and manage self.

 Using materials that can be recycled – using boxes, pieces of wood and other materials to create something that they would like to play with is another way of helping our students to develop their creativity skills.

Our very skillful teachers plan out different activites each week to help students enjoy their learning experiences and develop the Key Competencies. After Discovery Time students has an opportunity to talk about their experiences and record what they created or experienced. Each week students look forward to Discovery Time with enthusiasm and excitement.


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