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Ann Skelly Visit - Wearable Arts

Posted on 26 July 2017

 On Tuesday the 25th of July Ann Skelly came and did a Wearable Arts workshop with Rimu. Ann Skelly is an artist whose amazing costumes have featured in the international Wearable Arts Shows in Wellington. 


Ann taught us some skills for developing creative ideas and we experimented with using recycled materials to make wearable food.


Ann has generously donated the "Lunch on the Run" costume to Bailey Road School. Come and check it out in the Whare Ahura Mowai, it's pretty impressive!

 Ann explaining how she made her "Lunch on the Run" costume


Busy getting creative.  



Markayla's finished product 


Tyler modelling "Lunch on the Run" 


Comment by Joyce Kay on 15 August 2017 10:06 PM:

Wow how cool. So much inspiration. Looking forward to the end outcomes.

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