Bailey Road Primary & Intermediate School - Honesty, Empathy, Affirmation, Respect, Trust


On behalf of the Board of Trustees, Staff, Community and Students, we welcome you to Bailey Road Primary and Intermediate School. 

Our school caters for students from New Entrant (5 year olds) to Year 8 (12+ year olds). 

Our school has a roll of some 480+ students and includes Maori (27%), Samoan (14%) European ( 14%) Indian ( 12%), Tongan (9%), Niue (5%) Filipino (5%),Cook Islander (3%)  Fijian (3%) ,African (1%) Chinese (1%) Other Asian (1%), South  East Asian (1%), Middle Eastern ( 1%) and others Combined(2%).
A total of 19 ethnicities make up Bailey Road School.

Our Official Motto is:  Whaia nga taumata –Aim High.

Our HEART Values pervade Bailey Road School and how we educate our students.
Our School Rules are: 
Be Respectful
Be Responsible
Be Safe
Aim High

Our Mission Statement, in accordance with our HEART Values is:
1. To serve the Mount Wellington Community by preparing our students to be contributing and participating members of society.
2. We teach the curriculum to meet the needs of our school whanau in a safe and challenging learning environment.
3. We teach our children to be inquiring thinkers who can adapt and succeed in a changing global society.

Educational Success for All:

We welcome akonga, inclusive of all abilities, physical state, learning needs and cultures into our positive, progressive and inclusive learning environment. The Bailey Road School Board of Trustees and staff are focused upon providing an educational system that raises students to achieve their personal potentials and prepares them for success as 21st Century learners.

We believe in working together in partnership, with our parents and families, to provide quality education in a caring and stimulating environment. The BOT and Staff are excited about creating new Modern Learning Environments at Bailey Road School from 2015-2017. We aim for the learning environments to be reflective of the cultures within our school and focused upon extending akonga’s talents across the curriculum.

We are proud to be a Silver Accreditation Enviro-School as well as a Positive Behaviour for Learning School (PB4L). Our Modern Learning Environment development will build upon the strengths that our students show in Blended E-Learning, Technology, Music, Visual and Performing Arts and Physical Education and Sport.

Our bi-annual Cultural Festival, Trash to Fashion and Art Show are popular and successful events that students and whanau look forward to in the school’s calendar.

We look forward to meeting with you and invite you to visit Bailey Road School and sample what makes us such an exciting and progressive school.

Warm regards

Jim Stafford-Bush