Bailey Road Primary & Intermediate School - Honesty, Empathy, Affirmation, Respect, Trust

Policies and Procedures

Our Policies and Procedures are listed by the National Administration Guidelines -Curriculum, Documentation, Personnel, Finance and Property, Health and Safety and Community.

  • NAG 1 Curriculum 253 KB
    These Policies pertain to Teaching and Learning
  • Curriculum Procedures 432 KB
    These procedures state how we deliver the curriculum.
  • NAG 2 Documentation 753 KB
    These policies state the Board of Trustees specific plans and actions for Bailey Road School.
  • NAG 2 Documentation Procedures 532 KB
    These procedures state how the Board of Trustees would like their actions carried out.
  • NAG 3 Personnel 811 KB
    The Policies in this Folder state how the Board expects its staff to act and fulfil their teaching and school wide responsibilities.
  • NAG 3 Personnel Procedures 600 KB
    These procedures describe staff actions as they are to be fulfilled
  • NAG 4 Finance / Property 396 KB
    These Policies state how school activities, including property development and school maintenance are to be conducted. The Policies state our financial actions.
  • NAG 4 Finance and Property Procedures 189 KB
    These procedures ensure that our school is well maintained and financially strong.
  • NAG 5 Health and Safety Policies 1.02 MB
    These policies are designed by the Board to keep our students, staff and visitors to Bailey Road School Safe whilst on site.
  • NAG 5 Health and Safety Procedures 1.69 MB
    These procedures state how we keep everyone on site safe and the plant well maintained.
  • NAG 6 Community 173 KB
    These policies explain how we consult and work with our Bailey Road Community.
  • NAG 6 Procedures. 275 KB
    Here are our procedures that explain activities concerning our students and their parents.