Bailey Road Primary & Intermediate School - Honesty, Empathy, Affirmation, Respect, Trust

Bailey Road School Charter2017-2019

Please use the link below to discover our 2017-2019 Bailey Road School Charter that has been developed by our Principal, Board of Trustees, Staff and Community.
The Charter focuses mainly upon the goals we have for 2017 but also includes our plans through to 2019.
Our main aim is to lift students achievement but our Charter also includes our Board's plans to develop Bailey Road School into a first class educational institution in the Mount Wellington - Tamaki area.
To achieve our aims we rely upon supplying our students with the best resources and often we need to budget over a longer period of time to afford or secure what will benefit our children.
The Board of Trustees is focusing upon the Government's Goals that 75% of all students will meet their National Standards or NCEA levels by 2018. Our Charter reflects that.
Please use the link below to download a copy of our Strategic thinking over the next 3 years.