Bailey Road Primary & Intermediate School - Honesty, Empathy, Affirmation, Respect, Trust

Pol Candia:




My name is Pol and I am a school leader. I have an older brother and he is in Year 12. My favourite subject is Mathematics because I’m quite good at it. In my spare time I like to play on my laptop.

Albert Tulia:


Hi my name is Albert Tulia. I am 12 years old and was born in Samoa. I’m one of the school leaders at Bailey Road School. My favourite thing to do in my spare time is to read books or just be a couch potato at home. I have two sisters and one brother and also my parents. My favourite sport is soccer and Rugby League. At school my favourite subject is technology and also reading. I’m also a dog person even though I’m scared of them.


Teuila Lemoe:



Talofa, My name is Teuila Lemoe I am half Samoan and half Maori. My birthday is on May 16th and I am also the oldest of 12 grandchildren. I have two younger brothers they can be annoying sometimes but I still love them. I live with my grandparents and my dad and I live a pretty average life like I doing chores, I go school and I play with my friends. In my spare time I play games on my iPad and I play with my pets. I love my family and my baby cousin they are a very big part of my life.

Thorne Kamuhemu:



Hello my name is the Thorne Kamuhemu and I am 12 years old and I’m Samoan and Niuean. I love playing sports, my main sports are playing Touch and Tag. I am the second youngest in my family and I have 3 siblings and they are very sporty except for my baby brother RJ. My favourite subject is writing because I like writing heaps and it is fun. In my spare time I do nothing and outside of school my family is sporty and we are really out of the house mostly.

Rhyley Borrell:



Hi my name is Rhyley. I am 12 years old and I’m one of the school leaders of Bailey Road School. In my spare time I like to play sports because it’s really fun. My favourite sports are Netball and Touch. My favourite subject in school would have to be Maths because I think it’s interesting learning new numbers. I have two younger sisters and two younger brothers.


Ashley Pitches: 




Hi my name is Ashley and I live in a family of four, not including the pets. In my family I have a 3 year old brother, mum and dad. We have a cat, 2 goldfish and 2 Guinea pigs. My favourite subjects in school are Visual art, Fitness/P.E and Reading. In my spare time I like to read, play netball and play games with my brother.


Samson Matika:



Hi my name is Samson. I have a younger brother and sister in year 1. I also have a pet dog and his name is Maui. My favourite subject is PE because I like sports. In my spare time I like to play sports with my cousins.


Aaliah Maurangi:



My name is Aaliyah, I live in a family of four. My parents, my little brother and me. I have a pet cat named Simba, he’s very playful. My favourite subject in school is Reading and Writing. In my spare time I like to play sports like netball, touch and tennis. I also like reading at home in my own time. 


Tajarh Luifalani:




My name is Tajarh Liufalani, I’m 12 years old and I am Niuean. I have four siblings that are very annoying but I still love them. My favourite subject to do at school and home is writing because I find it very fun to do and it is very interesting. On the weekend my family and I usually go to the beach because we have nothing else to do. In my spare time at home I usually go and play on the tramp outside or ball tiggy with my sisters.

 Rishab Prasad:



My name is Rishab Prasad and I was brought into this world on the 14th of March 2005. To tell you a little bit about myself. I love animals, particularly wolves, and I am from a Fijian Indian background. The only thing, apart from wolves, in the entire world that I’m absolutely addicted to is KFC. 

Saachi Vij:




Hi my name is Saachi Vij, and I am 12 year's old.

I live in a normal family of four which consists of my 28 year old sister, my mother and my father. I beg my mum everyday for a dog, and hopefully soon I will get one. My favourite parts about school are lunch time and Reading. In my spare time I try to read as much as I can! 

C J Snell-Tupai




Hi my name is CJ and I am twelve years old. I have three older siblings that go to one tree hill college and a baby sister who stays home all day. At school my favourite subjects are Math, Art, Music and P.E because that's what I'm good at. In my spare time I like playing videos games and playing with my baby sister.