Bailey Road Primary & Intermediate School - Honesty, Empathy, Affirmation, Respect, Trust

Jiya Tanwar


Hi, my name is Jiya and I am a Student Leader at Bailey Road School. I love being a leader as it is a great opportunity for me and my future.

My role as a student leader is to guide students and show them the right path. My favourite subjects are  maths, chemistry and science.

My dream job is to become an astrophysicist. I also like to swim and play badminton.


Diya Ciji


Hi, my name is Diya and I am a Student Leader at Bailey Road School. I think of this role as guiding others in the right direction when something goes wrong.

My favorite subjects are maths, reading and music. I know how to play the violin and the piano. After school I do swimming and 3 days of Taekwon-Do during the week. I love to listen to music, watch Japanese movies, play badminton and learn how to speak Japanese.

In the future I would like to be an engineer or technical engineer.


Maryam Rezaie


Hello, I'm Maryam, and I'm a student leader here at Bailey Road School. When I was addressed as a student leader, I wasn't in New Zealand, instead I was in Afghanistan celebrating my sister’s  wedding.

One of my hobbies is dressing up, and going shopping. I love all subjects at school, but my favourite ones are maths, writing and science.

I love my role as a student leader as I'm not looked at as another year 8 student, instead as a young leader and as a role model.

Charlie-Kaige Kamuhemu


Hi, my name is Charlie-Kaige and I’m a Student Leader at Bailey Road School. I’m so honoured that I got chosen to become a Leader. I like my role as a leader because I get to guide others in what they need.

At Bailey Road, there are so many opportunities like sports and the arts. My favourite things to do is sports like Rugby League and I like to listen to Music. My favourite subject is Maths.

My dream is to become a famous Rugby League player for women.

Natasha Leadbetter


Hi, my name is Natasha and my hobbies are soccer, badminton, drama and just colouring in.

My favourite subjects are maths and drama. When I got chosen to be a school leader I was so excited . I wanted to be one since I was really little because I was watching the other school leaders and I thought to myself I want to be one of them. So during prize giving my name was called third and I had a big grin on my face.

A student leader means to be the one who stands up for other people and not laugh when someone is hurt and they don’t act like they know everything.


My favourite colour is YELLOW.


Daniel Heleta


Hi, my name is Daniel Heleta, I come from Tonga, and I’m 12 years of age. I go to Bailey Road School in Mt Wellington. I have been at Bailey Road School now for eight years. I became a student leader at the end of 2015 because I showed leadership ability, as I am a really good role model to the younger and older students around our school (including teachers).


Being a student leader is really, really hard work, such as, making sure that the little kids are using our school’s HEART values, and the Bailey Road School PB4L expectations. This means doing duties to make sure everyone is doing the right thing. We also need to help and encourage people if they need help, like if somebody's hurt we will be there to help, encourage and support them.


Phoenix Jorgensen


I'm Phoenix Jorgensen and I’m 12 years of age of Danish and Maori descent. I go to Bailey Road School and I am a student leader. I've been at this school for 8 years, since the beginning of my school education, so I know a lot of teachers here. My brother and sister also came to this school.


I play soccer for Ellerslie because it is one of my passions.

Right now my role as student leader is hard work. One of the things I have to do is make sure that everybody follows the PB4L expectations that Mr Stafford Bush introduced. Another role is to help people in need. If anyone needs some company I could maybe play with them or introduce him/her to other kids from this marvellous school of ours.


For me to become student leader I had to behave and show leadership especially when someone's doing wrong. I love the experience of being a student leader because it's not all about duties, it’s about having fun.


Chezca Pagtakhan


A proud Filipino, a proud individual and a proud student leader, is who I am. I attempt to excel in everything I partake/participate in, along with my responsibilities.

Although the student leader role holds many challenges I'll get through them both thin and thick. Hopefully I'll be able to guide other peers and students into doing the correct thing along with assisting them in studies.


Livalosa Melelosa


Malo le lei, my name is Livalosa Melelosa and I was chosen to become a student leader at Bailey Road School. The day I got chosen to become a student leader I was shocked to even hear my name get called out by Mrs Dass, the leader of the Rimu team.


Being a student leader is a good opportunity to communicate with all the kids at Bailey Road School while guiding kids to follow the Bailey Road expectations.


My favourite subject is reading because it links to every other subject. My favourite things though are dancing and playing sports. My dream job is to be Social Worker because I want to help people that are suffering. My favourite colour is dark red because I go for the one and only QUEENSLAND.


Harmony Tawhiao


Kia Orana, my name is Harmony and  I am a Student Leader at Bailey Road School. I’m so honoured that the teachers chose me to be a Student Leader.


I enjoy playing with friends, listening to music and playing different types of sports.


My dream is to become a gym trainer or be involved in any way with sports.


My role as a Student Leader is to lead others in the right direction and to help students at Bailey Road School.


I also have a  younger sister at this school and I come from a family of four.