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Social Workers in Schools (SWiS)


·      To support our children who are at risk to achieve positive educational, social and health outcomes.




·      SWiS is a free and voluntary service provided to all students and their family/whanau.

What I do:

·      Work one on one with children and their family/whanau.

·      Implement prevention and intervention programs.

·      Link family/whanau with community supports.

My Role:



·     To walk alongside children and their family/whanau in a supportive way.

·      Support all children and their family/whanau with the opportunity to achieve their best in all aspects of their lives.

How to Refer:

·      Within the School (Staff) all referrals are made through SENCo (Jody Hayes).

·      Parents and students are welcome to visit the SWiS office and make a referral themselves directly to SWiS.


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Contact Details:

Delize Roos

027 702 3102