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Special Programmes

Tironui Trust Music Programme

Tironui Trust delivers a challenging, rewarding and fun instrumental music programme to a select number of schools in the Mt Wellington and Papatoetoe area.  Students are selected to learn string instruments from Year 5 with a four year course of study. 


Students participate on Tuesdays in small group lessons and ensemble rehearsals delivered by skilled and enthusiastic professional instrumental tutors who maximise music learning and literacy.  Musical instruments, sheet music and notebooks are provided, with students encouraged to rehearse daily.  Regular performance opportunities are provided throughout the year and students are further motivated through exposure to uplifting performances by professional musicians.  Our wonderful teachers are - Veronica Dale, Claudia Ruff, Nathan Pinkney and Jennie Khan.

Tironui Trust Mission

To provide a fully funded and inspiring performance music programme to young New Zealanders

       with limited opportunity.

To foster diligence, nurture confidence, celebrate aspiration and achievement.

Together discovering the joy of music making with others.

Reading Recovery Programme

Reading Recovery is an effective early literacy intervention designed to significantly reduce the number of children with literacy difficulties in schools.

The programme provides daily one to one teaching with a specially trained teacher, for children making the slowest progress in literacy learning after a year at school. It is supplementary to classroom instruction and at Bailey Road School we are lucky to have two Reading Recovery teachers - Mrs Preba Moodley and Mrs Jaya Parasuraman.  Reading Recovery is supported and significantly funded by the New Zealand Ministry of Education as part of the Literacy and Numeracy Strategy, it was developed in New Zealand and is now widely implemented in English speaking countries throughout the world.

Thermo Fisher Scientific STEM Challenge

Thermo Fisher Scientific are a local company who are partnering with Bailey Road School to run a STEM Challenge (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) with a large group of Year 7-8 students.  They provide mentoring from their Scientists and Lab Technicians, and the equipment (K'Nex) to help with the challenge.  In 2021, the challenge is to - Create a solution to reduce the environmental impact of Bailey Road School.

Rimu Technology - Year 7 and 8 

Rimu students attend Technology lessons for half a day each week with our specialist Technology Teacher.  Through the Technology course, we aim to give students creative, hands-on learning experiences using a range of equipment and materials.  The areas covered are Food Technology, Robotics and 3D printing, STEM learning, Materials and Design Technology. No two terms are ever the same!  Our Technology Teacher is Miss Karishma Kumar.


Inailau a Tamaita'i

Inailau a Tamaita'i is a Pasifika girls leadership programme for Year 6-8, where we focus on building student confidence, providing opportunities to share knowledge and develop our leadership skills, get our families involved with our learning and develop a strong home-school relationship.

Student Leadership Programme

The Bailey Road School Leadership programme has undergone changes.  All students in Rimu Team will meet regularly within their leadership groups focussing on building leadership and confidence working on student led initiatives.  Our dynamic groups are:  Event Warriors, Culture Kings, Sports Academy, Engineers, Digi-mon, Superskids and Ngā Kaitiaki o Whare Ahuru Mowai.

Mathex - Auckland Mathematical Association

Mathex is a challenging and fast-paced mathematics contest where schools from across Auckland compete against each other in teams to answer questions as quickly as possible.  Bailey Road School send Year 7-8 teams to compete in this competition every year.


The Discovery programme happens on Friday mornings for both Rata Team (Years 0-3).  Discovery sessions promote learning through play, where play is the valued mode of learning.  Students are provided with a variety of opportunities they can explore, experiment, discover, and solve problems in imaginative and playful ways. 

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