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Our Learning


Each term, Bailey Road chooses one of the three writing purposes (To Entertain, To Inform, or To Persuade) to focus the instructional writing programmes on.  These purposes cover a wide range of text types, and teachers and students are able to select text types that best fit their class's interests and needs.

We are a Duffy Books School and support their vision - To inspire a love of books in Duffy children so they become adults who inspire a love of reading.  Our students regularly choose and receive their own books to take, keep and read at home.  Readers are also sent home daily in Rata and Karaka teams, to support and develop reading strategies and comprehension.  All students are welcome to issue library books from our beautiful Whare Ahuru Mowai.


This year we continue our DMIC journey or Developing Maths Inquiry Communities, where roles and responsibilities of teachers and students are changing.  Students take more responsibility for active listening and sense making.  In a lesson, solutions to problems are discussed, negotiated and constructed in a collaborative way.  Learning conversations include all students and everyone feels that their contribution is valued.


Parents can help support their child’s learning in maths, at home by ensuring they know their basic facts and times tables.

Curiosity, Purpose and Wonder - CPW

The purpose of CPW is to grow students towards being thoughtful, empowered and independent learners who know their own thoughts and value the opinions and ideas of others. We encourage questions, challenges and problem solving through an inquiry process that covers different learning areas each term.  These may include:  Science, Social Sciences, The Arts, Health and Physical Education and Technology.  Whanau support and involvement within CPW, are a valued resource as well as visiting experts who impart their knowledge and offsite experiences, help make our learning programmes exciting.


Our Curiosity, Purpose and Wonder focus for Term Two 2024 is:


What is the role of digital technology in our world today?

Digital technology is like a big puzzle piece that fits into many parts of our world today.  As we explore and learn more about digital technology, we'll see how it can make things easier for us, but also brings some challenges.  We'll look at how digital technology connects with how we live and do things in our communities. By doing this, we'll understand how important it is to be good digital citizens.  We will embrace the significance of Māori culture and world views in its practice and innovation.  Students will understand that Aotearoa's history reflects the challenges, conflicts, and significant changes that have occurred over time.

Health and Physical Education

In Health and Physical Education students will develop a positive and responsible attitude towards their well being or hauora, developing resilience, a sense of personal and social responsibility, increase the ability to take responsibility for themselves and contribute to the wellbeing of those around them, their community and their environment.  Providing various learning opportunities to understand the importance of physical and mental health, will differ throughout the year groups.  Some initiatives that have been part of Health and PE at Bailey Road School include:  Life Education, Jade Speaks Up, Ki-o-Rahi coaching, Bike Ready, Water Skills for Life, Firewise, Keeping Ourselves Safe, Sunsmart, Jump Jam and Puberty

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